Cosmetic Dentistry

Lumineers by Cerinate

Lumineers by Cerinate, are porcelain veneers that offer the painless way to a permanently whiter and perfectly aligned smile. We can apply these contact lens-thin “smile shapers” to teeth without any grinding or shaving, transforming teeth into a naturally beautiful smile. Lumineers can even be placed over existing crown or bridgework without having to replace them. Lumineers is the painless, permanent cosmetic solution for stained, chipped, discolored or misaligned teeth. Many, but not all patients may be considered good candidates for Lumineers. Learn more >>

Implant Placement

A single tooth implant procedure may be done if a tooth has been extracted or is missing. A titanium implant base is placed into the jawbone to resemble the tooth root. We allow a period of time to allow for the jawbone to heal over the implant base before fitting for a crown. Learn more >>

Implant Crowns

After placement of an implant and the appropriate healing time has occurred, an abutment (post) is screwed into the implant to allow for a crown to be fitted on top. A custom fabricated crown is placed over the abutment (post) to function like a real tooth. Learn more >>

Implant Bridges

This bridge is fixed to 2 or more implants to replace multiple missing teeth in the same area of the mouth to give you back full chewing function without needing… Learn more >>

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a thin shell made out of porcelain. They are custom made and cemented to the front side of the tooth. A veneer can be used to treat dental conditions such as a slightly crooked tooth, discolored teeth, chipped teeth or they can even be used… Learn more >>


Bonding is the process in which tooth colored materials (composite resin) are adhered (bonded) to the tooth. This is a procedure that can be used to repair or improve the appearance of a tooth that has been badly stained, broken or chipped. Learn more >>

Implant-Supported Dentures

Full dentures which are attached to dental implants. This type of prosthesis is much more stable and provides for a superior prosthesis, as opposed to full dentures alone. For more information on implant-supported dentures. Learn more >>

Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

After making an impression of your teeth, custom trays are made to fit your teeth exactly. Prescription-strength whitening gel combined with perfectly fitted mouth trays create a brighter, whiter smile after just a few treatments! Learn more >>

Zoom! 1-Hour Teeth Whitening

Zoom! Teeth Whitening is a one-hour process that instantly whitens your teeth up to 8 shades! We also provide take home trays for patients who complete Zoom! so that they may do at-home touch-ups as needed in the future. We recommend a complete cleaning before any whitening treatment for best results. Learn more >>

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