Payment Plans

In-House Savings
Designed to help retirees and families without dental insurance receive high quality dental care, our In-House Savings Plans help our patients to receive dental care at a significantly discounted rate!

Our Savings Plans are Simple!
  • No monthly premiums!
  • No co-pays for office visits!
  • No annual maximums!
  • No waiting periods!
  • No long-term commitments or minimum # of enrollees

You simply pay one annual fee that covers the individuals you want to cover. You then only pay for cleanings and dental treatment only when they are needed. Best of all, you receive up to 25% off all treatment (some exclusions apply).

To learn more about our Family or Silver Savings Plan, please call us at (480) 814-8888.
For answers to commonly asked questions about our In-House Savings Plans, please read below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I enroll in my Plan?
You may enroll yourself, your spouse, or your family members living in the same household. You may also enroll your employees, if you are a business owner. However, all participants must be named on the original enrollment form. Any changes or additions of participants must be completed by using a Change of Enrollment Form and approved by Impressions Dental. Additional annual fees may apply for additional members added to the Plan.

How long am I enrolled?
Activation of the Savings Plan begins on the date of an approved application and when payment is received. The Plan expires one year later to the date, no exclusions.

Are the Savings Plans the same as dental insurance?
The Impressions Dental Savings Plans are not insurance and no services are “covered” in a traditional insurance manner. Dental services are offered at reduced fees and full payment of fees is expected when service is rendered. The Savings Plans may not be combined with other dental insurance and/or dental plan.

How is a Savings Plan different than a cash discount?
Many dental offices offer cash discounts to patients without dental insurance. We have found, however, that many patients want something that will reduce their fees by a more significant amount, especially when treatment is needed. We also found patients wanted to “secure” reduced rates for every time they have a visit as well as for family members. The Savings Plan saves you 25% off our usual and customary fees, much more than a typical 5% cash discount, and allows the participants to provide those savings for their whole families or their staff.

Insurances Accepted