Zoom! 1-Hour Teeth Whitening

If you are looking for a quick fix to your teeth discoloration problems, then we have the answer. Zoom! is a revolutionary product that allows dentists to instantly whiten their patients’ teeth (up to ten shades whiter) in as little as an hour. The process is simple, painless and only requires one visit to complete.

Simply no other method exists today that whiten your teeth as quickly as Zoom!, and what’s more, the results are far from temporary. Once the whitening process has finished, your teeth are guaranteed to remain at their current state, as long as you follow routine oral hygiene habits.

Why Zoom! 1-Hour Teeth Whitening?

No solution is permanent, as staining and discoloration will occur naturally over time, especially for people who smoke and drink coffee. With that being said, Zoom! allows you to get the same results that would take weeks (or even months) to achieve when using whitening gels or oral trays in no time at all.

It is the ideal product for people who do not want to waste any time having a mouth full of pearly whites, or for those who simply cannot afford not to. First impressions matter and we know a person’s smile has a lot to with how others perceive us at first glance. Zoom! 1-Hour Teeth Whitening is great for anyone; regardless of your current health or whether you may have any genetic predispositions to tooth discoloration, this technology really can help.

How Does Zoom! 1-Hour Teeth Whitening Work?

After speaking to your dentist at Impression Dental CG about whether Zoom! is the best option for you, we will first prep your mouth by isolating the gums and lips. The whitening procedure utilizes light-based technology to activate the gel (comprised of a ph balanced hydrogen peroxide mixture). Once the substance has been applied, the light will trigger the whitening agents. This takes approximately an hour to complete; once done, the last phase is to apply a five minute fluoride treatment that helps seal the enamel.